What do you like about living in Maine?

  • Being part of your community?
  • Hiking on local trails?
  • Walking easily through town to visit friends and family?
  • Fishing in crystal clear waters?
  • Helping your neighbors?

Do you want to help protect these wonderful parts of life in Maine, and to gain even more? Then we have the program for you: the first Encore Leadership Corps (ENCorps).

ENCorps is about taking care of all of Maine, from its beautiful natural resources to its cities and towns and the people who live here.

ENCorps is designed specifically for Mainers 50 years of age and older, regardless of their background or experience. ENCorps is a program for everyday Maine people who care about the world around them and want to do their small part to make it better.

If you fit this description, we invite you to become a participant in Encore Leadership Corps » LEARN MORE