Benefits of ENCorps

Supporting Your Volunteers

Encore Leadership Corps (ENCorps) is a free training and support program for volunteers 50 years old and older. Each year ENCorps trains growing numbers of Mainers from around the state to be ENCorps volunteer leaders. These volunteer leaders may be contributing to your organization already.

Do you have volunteers over 50 who would benefit from the additional training and support that ENCorps provides? Contact us and we will assist in signing up your current volunteers for the ENCorps training program. In addition to training opportunities for volunteers, we also offer training specifically designed for volunteer managers and coordinators on engaging older volunteers.

Encore Leadership Corps volunteers are energetic, committed and motivated individuals with fresh perspectives, bringing experience, skill and dedication to the agencies they serve.

If you have a volunteer opportunity and are looking for volunteer with these skills, ENCorps can help you find volunteers for your program. Please contact us and we will add your program to our volunteer site roster.

Contact us today to get involved.