Older volunteers want many of the same rewards from volunteering as any other age group.

  • They want to feel that they are part of the organization’s team.
  • They want to be recognized for their accomplishments and be given support.
  • Older adults want to be provided with opportunities for increased training and sharing of experiences.
  • Like any other age group, older adults want to be able to fully share their skills, knowledge and experience.

By partnering with ENCorps, organizations can have an expanded pool of motivated and capable individuals to assist them in achieving their mission.

A partnership with ENCorps can help your organization:

  • Train your existing volunteers, re-energize your volunteers, and help them to network with other like-minded volunteers across the state. If your program is involved in issues such as community development, health-promotion, smart growth land use planning, conservation activities, community engagement, and similar issues, ENCorps is an opportunity for your volunteers to receive additional training, networking, and support at no cost.
  • Connect with individuals who would like to volunteer but don’t know where to start – ENCorps will match local volunteers to your program. Upon completion of ENCorps training, volunteers will be ready to take on a project or assignment within your volunteer program.

As an organization that hosts ENCorps members, you get benefits, too:

  • ENCorps members stay engaged in their volunteer activities with the increased support, trainings, and activities that ENCorps provides.
  • ENCorps members bring new tools and skills to their volunteer placements.
  • ENCorps members are offered stipend opportunities that allow them to help their organization.
  • ENCorps is a membership program, so ENCorps members stay as volunteers of your organization, but get the added value of the free trainings, support and networking provided by ENCorps.

Not sure if your organization fits the criteria?

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